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Completing 2010 and looking forward to 2011

There are a lot of rituals one can use right before the New Year.  The one I am going to describe here is among my favorites because through it we get to clear out and learn from the past year and position ourselves to receive the gifts of the future year.

How?  We are going to complete the old year and consciously design the new.  Now, completing doesn’t always mean that things are finished, or that things are wonderful.  Rather, completing is about making things whole, or fully letting things be as they are, or as they are not and making an emotional peace with it. When something is incomplete, it drains energy from us, and hangs around like a ghost. When we complete with something or someone, we take that energy back.

It’s also about cleaning up to make space for the new.  When you clean up the energy of those ghosts and those things that are weighing you down, you make space for new things to come into your life.  You accept a loss, or celebrate a win, or you just simply decide to complete the incomplete.

And then you move on to creating the vision for the New Year.  You take the lessons, take your inspiration, and take your wishes and you outline what you want from the next year.

So let’s begin!

Take a sheet of paper and:

1.     List all of your Wins, Gains, and Breakthroughs. How did you celebrate them?  How are you going to celebrate the ones you didn’t celebrate yet?

2.     List all of your Losses, Disappointments, and Breakdowns.

  • Mark each one to see if you are complete or incomplete in accepting them, and set a date to complete that acceptance. (You might not know how you are going to complete but that’s not important right now — just set a date.)
  • Look at 3-5 lessons you have learned this past year that you want to carry into 2011. When thinking of what to include, remember that you want to consciously use these lessons in the coming year.

3.     Imagine ahead to December 2011

  • Write a list of your Wins, Gains, and Breakthroughs for 2011.  Be specific and write them as though they have already happened.
  • Give the year to come a Name. If next year was a movie, what would its title be? (For instance: Year of “Life is Delicious!”, Year of “No Kidding”)

Share the name of your year in the comments section, please!

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New Year’s Resolutions? Wishes? What is it where you are?

On my other website — a Russian-language site that’s dedicated to healthy and sustainable lifestyles — we have a poll.  The question we ask is “What’s most important to you in the New Year holiday?”  And we have five multiple choice answers, one of which is “Expectation of something new and better in the New Year”.  Not surprisingly the majority of people mark that as their answer.

Indeed for many of us the New Year signifies new beginnings, new chances, new hopes that whatever we dream about will come true.  And we go about “requesting” these new things in different ways.  Some of us think of what our wishes are for the New Year, others create resolution lists, and yet others don’t do anything but have hope.

My childhood was spent thinking of wishes because I grew up in a country where that was the tradition.  To this day I continue to “wish” although I now live in a country where creating New Year’s resolutions is the traditional thing to do.  What about you?  What’s important for you in the arrival of the New Year and how do you “request” it?

And if you live abroad, what New Year traditions have you observed there and how does it affect your own way of thinking about the New Years?

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