Are you an Expat or an Immigrant?

We are here to help you succeed across cultures.  Our core competency is expatriate and cross-cultural coaching and training – and our approach is rooted in innovation.

ButtonOur expatriate and cross-cultural coaching services are individual or group-based. We help you find ways to make expatriate lifestyles work for you and we assist you with overcoming frustrations of working and living overseas. Coaching is a unique tool that empowers people to do their best – why not make it work for you when you need it the most as an expat?

Button  We were the first to create an online Academy for Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Education by putting together a cooperative of trainers around the world.  Our trainers intimately know their countries – and our trainers know what it’s like to be an expat or an international business leader.  At the center of all of our courses is Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™the only program that teaches intercultural competency from a values-centric approach.  Our courses are available 24/7, easy to access, affordable and fun.  They also come in many formats – individual self-study format; in-house facilitation materials for companies/organizations; and facilitation guides for trainers/coaches/consultants.

ButtonWe were the first to combine the disciplines of individual coaching, partnership coaching, NLP, and cross-cultural training to develop a program – Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ — that can help international leaders and teams develop culture-emotion intelligence.  The program is available in several formats – as a downloadable self-study guide; a facilitation process for a trainer; or an individual coaching program for an executive.

ButtonWe were the first (and so far as we know, the only ones!) who approach Culture Shock management from a different perspective.  Instead of concentrating on the four/five phases and on advice-giving, we offer a Culture Shock Tool Kit (in English, Spanish, French, and Russian!) that teaches people to manage culture shock in a unique manner.

ButtonOur online Academy for Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Education is also a source of know-how and self-growth programs for expatriates who choose not to go with individual coaching.  We offer materials on Culture Shock (in 4 languages!), on Adjustment, on Repatriation, on 7 Habits of a Happy Expat, and many others.

For more information please visit Global Coach Center Main site.

3 responses to “Are you an Expat or an Immigrant?

  1. knowledgetoday

    I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Excellent blog with excellent information.

    I am recommending Margarita’s work to everyone who travels for work overseas, and needs to stay for an extended period of time. I am putting a link to this site from mine.

    As hecho un magnifico trabajo en una area donde pocos an puesto atencion.


    Joel Font

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