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Introducing Brazil

Brazil is one of the countries that’s profiled in the Global Coach Center Academy within the course “Living and Working in Brazil” In this post we interview one of the course’s co-trainers, Ana Elena Austrilino Paz, on some of the most interesting tidbits on Brazil.

Ana Elena Austrilino Paz in her own words: “I’m a word citizen! I was born in Brazil, where I spent the most part of my life, then I lived in US, where I discovered my interest about cultural studies. Now I live in France, where I have the opportunity to interact and travel around many different countries and cultures. I have a Psychology and Business degree from Brazilian universities, and a Hospitality Management degree from Rosen College (US), and a Master degree from Université de Lille 3 – France. I’m glad to work for and with expat people helping them to manage cultural differences and to improve their cultural abilities.”

Global Coach Center Blog (GCC Blog): What would be 1 to 3 tips you would give to someone who is moving to Brazil?
Ana Elena: The first tip that I can say is: prepare yourself to enjoy that opportunity. Brazil has such a different and mixed culture. Learn Portuguese and learn about the Brazilian region that you are about to go is something very important.
GCC Blog: What was the funniest cultural misunderstanding you’ve experienced in Brazil?
Ana Elena: Foreign people use have problems to pronounce the word “pão” and   “pau”.  We always laughing a lot when they come to the bakery and ask for a “pau” instead to ask for a “pão”, because “pau” it’s a slang for the male genitals.
GCC Blog: What’s the most popular proverb and why?
Ana Elena: As Brazil has different popular proverbs according to the region, the one used all around is “Viangança é um prato que se come frio” (Vengeance it’s a kind of dish that we should eat cold).
GCC Blog: What do you love about Brazil?
Ana Elena: The thing that I love more and that I know that is also very appreciated by the foreign people who come there is the happiness.  We can point it in small thinks like, even if we have a lot of problems, we try to see the positive point, or we party/celebrate everything.
GCC Blog: What do you dislike about Brazil?
Ana Elena: Unfortunately Brazil is a country with a lot of corruption, for the government, but also for some citizen.
The full course on “Living and Working in Brazil”, co-authored by Ana Elena is available 24/7 at the online Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Academy for self- or assisted study.  Download it here.