Expat Coach – where art thou?

In the past few months I received many requests for expat coach recommendations in various countries.  And while a coach doesn’t have to live in the same country or the same city or even the same time zone to be an effective presence in an expatriate’s life, it seems that some people are looking for an in-person coaching experience.

In the course of those few months I have had to respond several times that I didn’t know anyone in the country they were looking in.  And then, when another request came in a few days ago, I thought – why not create a resource where people can go to and search expat coaches by country?

And that’s how the International Directory of Expat Coaches was born.  I’ve had my site adapted for the directory that lists expat coaches by country, provides links to their sites, and thus connects people who want an in-person coach with a coach who might be living down the street from them.

So, if you are an expat coach and want to be listed in this directory, here is what you need to do:

  • Create a listing
  • Pay one-time administrative fee of $5 USD (note: this one-time fee covers our time spent formatting your listing — your listing will remain active for as many years as you’d like it to be)
  • Create a link on your site to Global Coach Center Home page

For more information and to submit a listing, please go here. Your listing includes meta tags/meta description that’s SEO friendly. The listings will be arranged in the order they are received (per country).

If you are an expatriate looking to hire an in-person coach, stay tuned and visit International Directory of Expat Coaches from time to time.  Soon you’ll hopefully be able to find a coach in your city!

Copyright © 2011 by Global Coach Center.  If you’d like to reprint this, please do so but make sure you credit us (with a live link)!


2 responses to “Expat Coach – where art thou?

  1. Margarita this is a great idea! I will add myself to this directory. Remind me if I haven’t by next month because settling here (In India) we have a long list of things to do and we are behind….
    I love the photo you attached to the article. Very apt.

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