A to Z of Successful Expatriation™: Z is for … you decide!

The English alphabet doesn’t offer too many words that start with Z and that can convey a characteristic of the expatriate experience so I decided to tap into a fantasic resource of people on our Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Success Facebook page and ask them for words in their language that either begin with the letter or a sound Z.

There were a lot of very interesting and fun suggestions and here they are:

  • Znanie (Знание — Russian for knowledge).  Knowledge of the culture before you move is essential to success.
  • Zeal our Zealous
  • “Zsa zsa zsu” and, quote from Urban Dictionary, ‘Comes from “Sex and the City”, where Carrie describes it as the feeling you get when you meet someone you really really like. That sort of lovely, butterflies feeling when you just want to be with someone.’… and you could translate it to the feeling when you go to a place that you really like and the feeling when you want so be somewhere…
  • Zeit (German) – time: take your time to adjust, to learn, to enjoy, time out, time with your family…; be patient with yourself…
  • Zèng-sòng in Chinese language, which means to present (a gift). Living overseas is a present and good experience you give yourself.
  • Zest — Zest for life

What about you – do you have a word in your language that begins with either Z or a sound Z that can be part of the A to Z of Successful Expatriation™ Series?

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Copyright © 2010 by Global Coach Center.  If you’d like to reprint this, please do so but make sure you credit us (with a live link)!

2 responses to “A to Z of Successful Expatriation™: Z is for … you decide!

  1. Zen (although that doesn’t often apply to expat living) and ZANY (which very much fits our expat experience!)

  2. globalcoachcenter

    Thanks, Naomi! Excellent additions. 🙂

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