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A to Z of Successful Expatriation™: C is for CONNECTION

The World Cup 2010 is everywhere (even here in the US where the vast majority of people doesn’t care) and so in honor of that event (a “C” in the “Cup”) and the connections it creates between people, I thought it’d be appropriate to say that C is for CONNECTION.

Connections you create when you live abroad make a huge difference in how happy and successful you are as an expat.  These connections can come from anywhere and can be with anyone and even anything.  Here is my list of who and what you can connect with:

  • Colleagues, clients and partners through networking for your work
  • New friends in the expatriate community
  • New friends in the local community
  • The culture itself (why not? Think of the culture as a breathing and living thing and you’ll create those connections in no time)

How do you create connections?  You look for places where you have something in common, something that can create a bridge between you and that other person or between you and the new culture.

What else can you connect with?  And what other “C” are out there?

PS:  Writing this blog post as I am watching another great World Cup match…

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