3 awesome things in your expatriate experience

The other day I was listening to my local NPR station and heard an interview with an author of

“The Book of Awesome”, Neil Pasricha.  And while I am not a big fan of the word awesome I thought Neil’s idea of “awesome things” is a powerful insight into a human experience and a great resource for gratitude.

For those of you who have not heard of the book or the idea, it all started with Neil’s blog where he set out to list 1000 awesome things that happen to all of us.  An awesome thing can be defined as something that, albeit for a moment, makes us happy, giddy, excited, relieved, etc, etc, etc.  Awesome things are different for all of us and those that might be awesome for me may not be awesome for you.

And so I thought that those of us who have lived abroad and been expatriates probably have our own collection of awesome in our lives.  What are they for you?  What have been the awesome experiences and things for you in your journey of expatriation?

I want to invite you to play a game with me.  Name 3 of your awesome things in comments.  I’ll start:

  • sharing my experiences with my visitors
  • the first moment of landing in a new country
  • finding a grocery item I want when supplies have been erratic

What are yours?

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7 responses to “3 awesome things in your expatriate experience

  1. 1. Writing my book about living and working abroad (Published only In Danish) Writting my new book, it will be published also in English.
    2. meeting so many wonderfull people from all over the world
    3. sharing my idees and knowledge with other people on my blog and on other peoples blogs 😉

  2. 1. Having the question “So where are you from?” fill an entire evening of small-talk.
    2. Laughing til your sides hurt at a joke that requires two languages to understand.
    3. The awesome bits of local cultures. Like being able to have a beer on the bench in germany with no problems.

  3. 1. Having an incredible bonding experience with my family.
    2. Changing my entire perspective on what the world looks like.
    3. Having an infinite number of rich stories to remember and share.

  4. 1. Meeting the love of my life
    2. Becoming fluent in another language
    3. Expanding my view of the world

  5. Love someone who has crossed culture and integrated equally successfully in the opposite direction.
    Understand inter-cultural jokes as they are translated into different languages progressing up and down the breakfast table.
    Appreciate cultural values over material wealth obsession.

  6. 1. Learning a foreign language and culture and assimilating into a new culture in a matter of a few years.
    2. Transferring my law degree from one continent to another; going to a Law School for the second time in a new country; passing the Bar exam on the first try in my ‘new’ language.
    3. Having wonderful bi-cultural children.

  7. There are too many to limit to three!

    1. Living in an intercultural family.
    2. Always by God’s Grace finding a -local- friend – and we find ways to understand each other despite culture and language differences!
    3. All others I have forgotten (I am blessed!).

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