I live here? I live here. I live here!!!

Those of you who follow my blog know that a few months back my family and I left Russia (St Petersburg) after spending four years there.  We had a wonderful time, enjoyed (almost) every moment of it, learned quite a bit, and saw many interesting things.  Leaving was tough — as it is each time when our post comes to an end and we have to relocate.

This time we moved to South Florida — Miami to be exact.  And to this day — it’s been over six months now — I walk around my neighborhood still asking myself: I live here? And then saying: Yes, I do. And then almost screaming: I live here!!!

Why you’d wonder?  Was Russia that bad?  Or is Florida that wonderful?

None of the above, really.  But when I go outside and when I realize that this year my winter consists of sunny skies, temperatures in the 20 C (70 F), slight breeze, palm trees and never having the feeling of being frozen to the seat of your car — I just rejoice.  I feel extremely grateful to be able to live in this climate, to be able to drink coffee and eat dinner outside every day, to know that I’ll wake up to sunshine almost every day, and to enjoy walking the dog.

It’s true that Miami doesn’t have a lot of things that Russia has and I miss those things every day.  But instead of concentrating on what’s lacking — I choose to focus my attention on what I have and feel gratitude for it every single day.

So what about you?  What are you grateful to have and experience in the place you are living in now?  What makes you want to say: “I live here? I live here. I live here!!!”?

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4 responses to “I live here? I live here. I live here!!!

  1. What a great post! I remember feeling this feeling thrice in my life- twice while relocating within my birth country itself (once for studies, once for work), and the other when I moved from America to India! Each had a common thread- I felt happy and proud of myself to try out a new lifestyle and do something others would find interesting and be proud of me to try.

  2. Hi,

    I know exactly how you feel. I was lucky enough to get transferred out of NY to San Diego. When the assignment ended, I quit my job and found another one in San Diego and have lived here for the last 40 years. Every winter, I say to myself and friends – “I live here, can you believe it?”

  3. I remember the feeling of working and living in St. Petersburg , Russia during 2000-2003 as I instructed Network Engineering students and taught English as well. I felt an amazement and a freedom to live and do and see that was empowering. I met and talked with everyone who was willing; carried my camera everywhere !! I would not have missed it for the world even though coming back to America was difficult.

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