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Completing this year: three steps that will help you create the next year

Some people think that “to complete” means to finish or to succeed.  Yet “to complete” is better defined as “to make something whole” — which, in turn, means letting things be as they are or as they are not.  Accepting things as they are (or accepting them as they are not) allows you to clean up the space that until now has been taken up by that thing you’ve thought of as incomplete/unaccomplished.  Accepting things as they are (or are not) allows you to claim back the energy that’s been drained by the incomplete hanging around like ghosts.  You accept a “loss”, you celebrate a “win”, and you simply decide to complete the incomplete.  A system and a ritual may help so here is one you can use alone or with a friend.

Step 1: Complete the old

(a) Looking at all the areas of your life reflect on 2009: list all of your Wins, Gains, and Breakthroughs. Mark each one as either Complete or Incomplete.

  • Celebrate the items that receive a Complete and acknowledge yourself for them.
  • Next, find a date by which you want to complete an incomplete item. For example, you finished a novel, but you haven’t completed the looking-for-an-agent process.  When would you do that?

(b) Again for 2009 list all of your Losses, Disappointments, and Breakdowns.

  • Mark each one to see if you are complete or incomplete in accepting them, and set a date to complete them. (You might not know HOW to complete, but never mind that — just set a date.)
  • Look at 3-5 lessons you have learned this past year that you want to carry into 2010. When thinking of what to include, remember that you want to consciously use these lessons in the coming year.

(Here are some examples: I learned —

  • to let go of circumstances I cannot control
  • to listen to my heart
  • to ask for help and support
  • to salsa dance and etc etc etc)

Step 2: Create the new

(a) Imagine ahead to December 2011

  • Write a list of your Wins, Gains, and Breakthroughs for 2010.  Be specific and write them as though they have already happened.  (For example, “I have a lucrative and satisfying career.”) Look at each area of your life and make the list as long as you like.)

(b) Give the year to come a Name. If next year was a movie, what would its title be? (For instance: Year of “Life is Delicious!” or Year of “No Kidding”)

Step 3: Anchor the creation.

Take the list you wrote in Step 2, take the name you thought of, and put them where you can always see them.  And then drink a glass of champagne.  Or eat a piece of cake.  Or do whatever seems celebratory.

Happy New Year!

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