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New Year’s Resolutions? Wishes? What is it where you are?

On my other website — a Russian-language site that’s dedicated to healthy and sustainable lifestyles — we have a poll.  The question we ask is “What’s most important to you in the New Year holiday?”  And we have five multiple choice answers, one of which is “Expectation of something new and better in the New Year”.  Not surprisingly the majority of people mark that as their answer.

Indeed for many of us the New Year signifies new beginnings, new chances, new hopes that whatever we dream about will come true.  And we go about “requesting” these new things in different ways.  Some of us think of what our wishes are for the New Year, others create resolution lists, and yet others don’t do anything but have hope.

My childhood was spent thinking of wishes because I grew up in a country where that was the tradition.  To this day I continue to “wish” although I now live in a country where creating New Year’s resolutions is the traditional thing to do.  What about you?  What’s important for you in the arrival of the New Year and how do you “request” it?

And if you live abroad, what New Year traditions have you observed there and how does it affect your own way of thinking about the New Years?

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