How to leave without regrets?

For many of us, expatriates, there comes a point when it’s time to leave our post.  Some know their departure day a year in advance, others have a few months to prepare, and yet there are some people who don’t get much notice.  So what’s the best way  to make sure that in every one of those situations you are ready to depart?  And not just in a sense of having your life organized and ready to move, but also in a sense of knowing that you are leaving without any regrets.

Every new place we get posted to has a few things to offer and of course different people are interested in different things.  So what I would encourage you to do on arrival is to make a clear list of things that you’d ever want to do, see, and experience in your new posting.  Keep adding to that list as you learn of new things that are available (and, of course, keep crossing things out as you do them).  When the time comes to say good-bye to the country, take a look at your list.  What do you have on there that still warrants your attention?  Is there anything that you have not done, seen, or experienced that you would regret not doing?  If there is, schedule it immediately in your calendar.  Because, as we all know, time has a way of speeding up the closer you get to your departure.

If you didn’t make a list when you arrived, make one now.  What is of particular interest or fascination to you in this country?  Have you seen it?  Do you want to?  If so, schedule it.

Many people leave their expatriate postings and later regret about not seeing or experiencing things they wanted to see and experience.  Why leave place for regrets in your luggage?  Better leave place for memories and experiences.

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5 responses to “How to leave without regrets?

  1. This is really important. So many people look back on time spent and rethink over and over. “why did I not ____.”
    Thanks for the post
    Rob Britt

  2. On the other hand: what better reason to go back?!! Good opportunity to visit your friends there too.

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