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Moving again? Need packing “know-how”?

Summer is usually a natural transfer season for many expatriates out there in the world.  And as we all know, transferring from one post to another or transferring back home means … moving and packing.  Moving and packing your family, your household, your pets, your… well, life.

Most people I know don’t find the process of moving very inspirational.  Even if your company pays for movers and even if they will be doing the actual packing, you still have a job to do.  A job that consists of organizing your stuff for the movers.  And if you are anything like the majority of humans out there, you probably accumulate a lot of “stuff” during any given post.

I always hear that one of the hardest things about organizing a move (apart from saying good-byes… which we’ll talk about in the near future) is deciding what to take and what not to take with you.  Those decisions not only take time, but also force us to say yes to some memories and no to the others.

So how do you decide which memento of the past still deserves a place in your life and which doesn’t?  How do you decide which one of your possessions to leave behind?  And what is the ultimate test that helps you determine what will stay?

I have a system.  It may or may not work for you, but I found that it works wonders for me.  When I begin the moving process I ask myself the following questions about those things that I consider leaving behind:

•    What is the energy behind this thing?  What feeling do I get from it?
•    What does it represent to me now?
•    How important is it to me now?
•    How important is it to my future path?

Many objects that we hold on to may represent who we were long ago and not who we are now. Some may come from times that have been difficult and resonate with memories of sadness; others may have been symbolic to us in the past, but no longer carry the same meaning. Why hold on to them then? Why drain yourself and your house of energy with clutter that is not useful for who you are becoming?

When people, who have not experienced expatriate lifestyles, say to me how difficult it must be to move every few years, I usually respond that it’s a blessing and an opportunity.  It allows me to part with the old and invite the new into my life.  And that’s what I find very inspirational.

What about you?  How do you move?

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